Plugin InternalURLs (v2.0) [Flatpress]

I’ve written a plugin to add internal URLs to bbcode.

It’s called Internal URLs and it provides two tags: iurl (that stands for internal url) and entryurl.

iurl tag

It’s very easy to use: see these examples.

[iurl=contact title="Inviami una mail"]Contact me[/iurl]
[iurl=relative:fp-content/attachs/opensearch_v2.0.tar.gz]File in Flatpress root[/iurl]
[iurl=static:about]About Me[/iurl]
[iurl=post:entry100715-113627]Plugin Brute Force[/iurl]
[iurl=entry:entry100714-155550 comments=true]Plugin Open Search[/iurl]
[iurl=entry:100714-120802 comments=true anchor=comment100715-120544]Commento di Lantaca[/iurl]
[iurl="tag:GNU Linux"]GNU Linux[/iurl] (with TAG Plugin >=1.1)
[iurl=redirect:plugin_redirect.html]Plugin Redirect[/iurl] (with Redirect Plugin)

Contact me
File in Flatpress root
About Me
Plugin Brute Force
Plugin Open Search
Commento di Lantaca
[No valid url specified]
Plugin Redirect

The only compulsory attribute is the one after = (see below), others are optional.

title and rel set these attributes to the HTML, comments is used with entries to show comments and anchor it’s the part of URL after the #. There is also onlyurl parameter if you don’t want the link but only the URL.

The default attribute (iurl=…) accepts these values:

  • index: to go to index.php
  • contact: to go to contact.php
  • entry:id (or post:id) a link to the entry id
  • static:id (o page:id) a link to the static page id
  • category:id (o cat:id) a link to the categoy number id
  • tag:id a link to tag id (requires Plugin Tag >= 1.1)
  • redirect:id a link to the redirect redirect id (requires Plugin Redirect)
  • relative:path a link to flatpress_root/path

entryurl tag

It works like iurl but you if leave the content empty and it will automatically put the name of the entry.



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Get it

Tested with Flatpress 1.0 and with both RewriteURLs and PrettyURLs.

License: GNU GPL v2.0

Download: Download