Piero V.

Plugin Entrylist (v1.0.1) [Flatpress]

I’ve updated the plugin to fix a bug with PHP 5.4 (call_user_func doesn’t pass values as reference).


Please, refer to the version 1.0 for further information.

Plugin Entrylist (v1.0) [Flatpress]


I’ve written a plugin called Entrylist that adds the bbcode tag “entrylist”.

It allows to list the entries of the blog.

These are it options:

  • y=YY: list the entries for the year YY.
  • m=MM: list the entryes for the month MM. Y param is required.
  • d=DD: list the entries fot the day DD. Y and m are required.
  • yformat: the format for the year. It is in the form of date_modifier.
  • mformat: the format for the month. It is in the form of date_modifier.
  • dformat: the format for the day. It is in the form of date_modifier.
  • link=[on/off]: the title should be also a link?
  • sort=[asc/desc]: the sorting for entries: asc is ascending, desc is descending. Asc is the default value.
  • noentries: if there aren’t entries, what should output

License: GNU GPLv2.

Download: entrylist_v1.0.1.tar.gz entrylist_v1.0.tar.gz[Leggi il resto]