Plugin Tabmenu (v4.1) [Flatpress]


This is the new version of the Tabmenu plugin, that replaces, the version 4.0.

The plugin adds “sel” class if you are in that page (in HTML, class=”sel”).

You can use both {{TABCLASS}} and {{TABSELECT}} patterns: the difference is that the first adds the class attribute, the second just the sel and so you can speficy other classes. See below for an example.
This is an example (for the homepage):

<li {{TABCLASS:index}}><a href="/" title="Homepage>Homepage</a></li>
<li class="myotherclass {{TABSELECT:index}}"><a href="/" title="Homepage>Homepage</a></li>

Replace index with:

  • index for the homepage;
  • blogindex or blog for the blog homepage;
  • contact for contact.php
  • admin for admin panel
  • login for login page
  • post:entry_id or entry:entry_id for entries (entry_id is the entry id in format entryYYMMDD-hhmmss)
  • static:static_id or page:static_id for static pages (static_id is the static page name, not title)
  • category:id or cat:id for a category with category number as id
  • tag:tagname for a tag
  • params:url or fp_params:url or fpparams:url, where url is the part next to the ? of Flatpress standard urls (standard means not RewriteURLs or PrettyURLs).

A note about the blog index and the homepage: if your homepage is your blog index, blogindex and blog are the same page. Otherwise please use either index.php?blog or index.php?paged=1 as URL to your blog. In Flatpress, anything that is unknown (like ?p=1 sends to the blog index, it doesn’t in my plugin.


As eggoez told me, the index/blog tab had a bug: if you used a static page as index, when you went to your blog, index tabs had the “sel” class, even though they shouldn’t . This version of the plugin fixes this bug.


Download here: tabmenu_v4.1.tar.gz.

License: GNU GPL v2.

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