Piero V.

A journey into GameCube music

One evening, a pair of weeks ago, I was pretty bored, and I did not want to do anything too demanding. Somehow I reminded Burnout’s soundtrack, and I wondered: is it possible to extract it from the original disk instead of relying on YouTube, or something similar, to listen to it?

Loading GCMs on Linux

I dumped my Burnout disk with some Wii homebrew 8 years ago or so. That time, I named it with the .iso extension, but GC disks are not ISO 9660 standard. They have a proprietary format that the community dubbed GCM.

Even the file utility can detect that them:

$ file burnout.iso
burnout.iso: Nintendo GameCube disc image: "Burnout" (GBOP51, Rev.00)

So, I downloaded a tool called simply gcm-tool. Man, many years have passed since the last time I download something from Google Code!

And I love that people provided an executable and its source code, in plain portable C or C++, without any GUI or additional dependencies. So a gcc *.c gets the work done, and using the wanted tool is immediately possible. … [Leggi il resto]

Finally, I booted GC-Linux

The platinum GameCube and Pokémon Colosseum, that I had since I was a kid, and the memory card, SD gecko and microSD card that I bought for this adventure

An obsession for half of my life

When I was a very little kid, my neighbor had a PlayStation One, and I wanted one as as well. I knew almost nothing about video games, I just thought they were cool. Then the PlayStation 2 came out, and I started wanting it.

So, after many years of requests, when I was like 8 or 9, on the Saturday before Christmas, my Dad took me and my syster to a shop close to our home… and we bought a GameCube. He liked a Logitech steering wheel that was for the GC, and, influenced by a shop assistant, we bought the bundle of a platinum GameCube with Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. … [Leggi il resto]

HackMii Installer v0.8

Prima di certi siti sulle consolle italiani o anche prima di wiibrew.org vi dico della release dell’Homebrew Channel 1.0.8

I cambiamenti sono solo la compatibilità all’USB 2.0 tramite IOS58 del firmware 4.3 (o installabile con un’applicazione apposita).

Il sito da cui scaricarlo è sempre bootmii.org e se la wii è connessa alla wireless segnala da sola l’aggiornamento.

HackMii Installer v0.7

Sono venuto oggi a sapere (andando su Hackmii.com) che due giorni fa è stata rilasciata la nuova versione dell’homebrew channel e hackmii installer, compatibili col firmware 4.3 della wii.

Sono molto felice di questo aggiornamento che ho appena installato.

In più una cosa che mi è assai gradita è che salverà le preferenze, così potrò lasciare la SD nel wii però mi caricherà le app da HD.

In più è cambiato il tema: ora è nero e blu.