Piero V.

Firefox 100

A long time has passed since the last time I have written about a software version update. And I published the last one about Firefox almost 10 years ago.

But this is a special occasion: last Tuesday, Mozilla published Firefox 100. So, congrats, Mozilla! 🥳️🎉️

Now that I think of it, Firefox is the first open source software I have ever used and probably the program that introduced this concept to me. It also “saved” me from Internet Explorer 6 and taught me that the web must be developed following standards.

The first version of Firefox I used was either 1.5.0.x or 1.0.x. Many, many years have passed since then.

Now I have a job tightly connected to Firefox and to Mozilla. This allowed me to contribute back, at least in a tiny way, and it was acknowledged in Firefox 97 release notes, which makes me super happy! (Even though, to be completely honest, that effort was not only mine but also of other Tor community users).

We need Firefox because only alternative and independent browser implementations can guarantee freedom and openness to all web users.

So, thanks, Mozilla, and long live Firefox!