Plugin Redirect (v1.7) [Flatpress]

I’ve updated the Redirect Plugin.

This plugin allow you to use an entry like a static page: the entry has a short URL that is decided by you but it has the comments feature.

It’s very simple to use: when you modify or create a post there is, below the textarea, a field where you insert the redirect name (composed by alphanumeric chars and others such ._-).

Then you can decide to enable or not the comments with the checkbox.

In this version I’ve added the possibility of doing a HTTP redirect, that is more SEO friendly.

You can also manage redirects from its administration panel: go to Administration → Plugins → Redirect. Here you can also delete them.

From that panel you can create more redirect for one entry but when you save the entry you can keep just one redirect, the other ones will be delted.

Finally in this version I’ve also added the possibility to use also the static page style link. For example, if I have a redirect called test but I haven’t a page with that name, the plugin will handle the urls mysite.tld/test/ or mysite.tld/?page=test as a redirect.

However this feature is disabled by default. To enable id, go to fp-plugins/redirect/plugin.redirect.php and change the value of the constant at line 18 to true.

I release the plugin under the GNU GPL v2 License. The icons are taken by the old Tango Theme for Debian.

Download: redirect_v1.7.tar.gz.

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